Recently, a client came to me for help with managing a chronic illness that was having a tremendous effect on her daily life. The client’s symptoms made it difficult for her to work or have loving relationships with family members. Even eating and sleeping became difficult. Her situation became even worse when the medical bills began to arrive. It was time to call a patient advocate.

The first step in helping our client was to research her diagnosis and provide insight into her illness. Then, we identified the right medical specialists and scheduled appointments for our client to be seen. We prepared for the specialist visit by helping our client obtain copies of her medical records and by constructing a list of important questions for the doctor. To make sure everything was properly documented, we reviewed the client’s medical bills and insurance coverage. Based on the information we collected, we provided recommendations that we felt were best for our client’s livelihood. With our help and suggestions, our client saved around $200 and felt more confident in dealing with her insurer. 

An acute or chronic Illness can turn the lives of patients and their families upside down. It’s very common to feel uncertain of what to do next. If you’re overwhelmed by medical appointments, tests, procedures and hospital stays, you’re not alone.  Medical bills and insurance coverage are critical to stay on top of, and both are major components of where the help of a patient advocate comes into play.

Here is how Discover Health Advocacy helps:

As your advocate, Discover Health provides the research about patient diagnoses and medications so patients can understand their medical care and make educated decisions about their treatment. 

From beginning to end, we’re on the side of the patient. Our goal is to empower the patient by ensuring their wants, needs, and wishes are met by their healthcare providers. We speak the language of patients, doctors, and caregivers, which helps us translate the complex messaging that comes with navigating the world of healthcare.

Our focus is working for you. Not a healthcare system or insurance company, just you. By developing important questions and gathering the right information, Discover Health Advocacy helps you get the most out of your doctors visits. There’s never a reason to feel alone or scared when hospitalized or with a physician because we assure you’re always in good hands. 

Discover Health provides advocacy services to support caregivers and their loved ones with personalized strategies to manage complex care. Find out more by calling us today.

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