Health Advocacy

Navigating Diabetes: An Interview with John Stanley

November is National Diabetes Month, centered around World Diabetes Day  on November 14th. We were lucky to have the opportunity to interview Philadelphia’s favorite record collector and segment radio personality; John Stanley of John’s Dollar Bin. John has been living with diabetes for over 15 years and gave us some great insight on what to look out for and how…

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Tips to Promote Healthy Lungs

October seemed to come so quickly this year. Along with the usual drop in temperature, a grand display of fall colors and exciting Halloween festivities; October is also host to Healthy Lung Awareness Month.  Discover Health is fully invested in providing awareness and advocacy for keeping your lungs as healthy as possible. We want everyone to be able to breathe…

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Healthier employee

Tips to Improve Your Health in the Workplace

As the world starts to open back up again, we see many people packing up their home office and returning to the workplace. With so much potential time spent in one place, it’s now more important than ever to be conscious of your own health and conscientious of your employees/co-workers as well. Here are a few tips that anyone can…

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