I’m very excited to begin my newest chapter as I open my own private patient advocacy practice, Discover Health. I’ll be moving forward with my life’s mission of helping others and guiding individuals, families, and businesses through the healthcare journey.

After 20 years in the nursing field, I wanted to expand my impact by not only improving the lives of my patients, but also their family members, caregivers, and close professional resources. I’m proud to say that Discover Health is here for anyone who needs assistance in navigating through health care issues. During these uncharted times, I am offering services both in-person and remotely using zoom. I understand that everyone has unique healthcare needs, so I work closely with individuals to develop independent care plans, and ensure you get the proper care you need and deserve. Whether it be for long-term care, transitioning in or out of a healthcare facility, or higher-level support, Discover Health is here for you as New Jersey and the Delaware Valley’s newest, most accessible patient advocate.

I am also very proud to introduce Discover Health’s brand new logo to the world. Our logo was designed to further support the reason behind why I founded Discover Health, as well as my mission to “guide families through the healthcare journey”.

Additionally, I invite you to explore the new website, which I had designed to help outline my services in clearer detail. There are special features that can put you in touch with me directly, along with giving you the opportunity to schedule a time to discuss your healthcare needs. I want to make sure our website can be navigated quickly and easily, and I want it to serve as a place for caregivers and family members alike to find supportive resources.

We have also created social media accounts across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to provide additional insight into what we do, and to help make your day just a little bit better. 

I encourage you all to reach out to ask questions, find out more about Discover Health, or just say hello. I appreciate your support and I wish you all the best!

– Susan Nolan, Founder of Discover Health

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