There are many reasons why families with caregivers tend to lean on respite care for their loved ones. It’s a very broad task, putting one’s needs before your own. While a caregiver’s goal is to provide your loved one with routine comfort through their everyday life, one must watch out for their own well-being as well. Caregiver fatigue or “burnout” is very common and can certainly sneak up on you, putting both you and your loved one in jeopardy. Respite care can alleviate some of your everyday duties to keep you fresh and efficient in your time with your loved one. When looking into respite care there are a number of options to consider. Here are a few that could fit in with the help you may need:

Adult Day Care

If you live with your loved one but still have a job outside of your home, you may want to think about adult daycare. Your loved one will spend 6-8 hours with other seniors in a safe environment. Lunch and a snack are traditionally provided, along with activities for them to participate in. This is a great way to keep your loved one social with their age group, while you have a chance to take care of your own personal duties.

Informal Respite

If you are looking for some assistance in small capacities, informal respite could be the solution to freeing up some time for yourself. Trusted friends and family members can be a huge help when scheduled to do some minor tasks. For example, your cousin could come by 3 times a week to handle dinner and bathing duties. The alleviation for you on those 3 evenings can make a very big difference in your productivity in everyday responsibilities.

Professional In-Home Care

This option is also beneficial for those who work outside of their home. A professional in-home caregiver will be educated to perform all the necessary duties that you are accustomed to fulfilling. This includes daily grooming, a proper medication schedule and help with mobility. Professional caregivers can be utilized on a scheduled cadence or as-needed basis, which is convenient for flexibility.

Residential Respite Care

Need a vacation to yourself? Looking into a residential respite care facility is a good way to temporarily feel comfortable that your loved one is provided with proper care. There are many facilities that set aside a number of beds for short-term stays so that you can rest easy while out of town.   

For more information about looking into respite care for your loved one, contact Discover Health and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction!

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