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Navigating Diabetes: An Interview with John Stanley

November is National Diabetes Month, centered around World Diabetes Day  on November 14th. We were lucky to have the opportunity to interview Philadelphia’s favorite record collector and segment radio personality; John Stanley of John’s Dollar Bin. John has been living with diabetes for over 15 years and gave us some great insight on what to look out for and how…

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10 Ways to Boost Your Health This Summer

Summertime can bring a less intensive schedule for most people, opening up plenty of free time to focus on one’s health. Introducing new ways to boost your well being is a great way to enjoy the relaxing days of summer. We at Discover Health have built a comprehensive list of great ways for people of all ages to promote your…

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Respite Care for Elderly Parents

While the importance of the physical and mental health of our elderly loved ones remains paramount, the overall health of caregivers is too often overlooked. The demands of taking care of an elderly parent can sometimes become overwhelming. Caregivers need and must take breaks. Respite care for elderly parents provides short-term breaks that can relieve stress, restore energy, and promote…

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