Tips to Promote Healthy Lungs

Oct 4, 2021

October seemed to come so quickly this year. Along with the usual drop in temperature, a grand display of fall colors and exciting Halloween festivities; October is also host to Healthy Lung Awareness Month. 

Discover Health is fully invested in providing awareness and advocacy for keeping your lungs as healthy as possible. We want everyone to be able to breathe in that fresh fall air to the best of our abilities! Here we’ve compiled a few tips (some more obvious than others) on how to promote healthy lung health:

Don’t Smoke

This is widely known with no need for an explanation. Very much easier said than done for many though. If you struggle with quitting, consider consulting a professional for extra guidance in navigating away from this health compromising habit.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Your home air is probably the majority of the air you breathe, so try to keep it nice and fresh. Regularly dusting, staying on the lookout for mold, and avoiding clutter will very much improve your air quality. Utilizing a humidifier can also make improvements to your lung health.

Food Matters

Most people wouldn’t necessarily consider a direct correlation between the food you eat and your lungs, but there certainly is! Did you know that cheese is actually good for your lungs? Foods with high levels of antioxidants are great for preventing lung problems.  Check out this list we found on 20 lung cleansing foods for a more extensive look:

Better Breathing

Practicing better breathing through breathing exercises can improve and sustain your lung health immensely. When relaxing, put some focus on deep breaths and alternating between your nose and mouth. When you’re in a more social setting, laughter is as good for the lungs as it is for the heart. Here’s a helpful article about “better breathing” practices:

As always, Discover Health is happy to provide further advocacy to help you lead the healthiest life possible. Visit for more information!