5 Summer Sun Safety and Health Tips

Jul 23, 2021

The dog days of summer can certainly keep some folks indoors; cooling off in the comfort of their ceiling fans and air conditioning units. The other side of that coin is the yearn to be outside; enjoying nature and soaking up the vitamin D fueled rays of the summer sun. Whether you’re taking a summertime hike, relaxing poolside, or enjoying a day at the beach it’s very important to take certain precautions to protect yourself from the heat and sun. Here are some tips for safely enjoying time outdoors in the summertime:

Find Some Shade

Sometimes easier said than done, it’s important to have a shady option nearby. On an afternoon stroll? Seek the shadier side of the street. Headed to the beach or poolside? Bring along your own source of cover with a large umbrella or a floppy hat. Wherever you may go, try to keep your time in the direct sun to a minimum.   

Utilize Sunscreen

Applying proper sunscreen can be preventative to all types of skin afflictions later in life. Use the proper SPF and apply properly and plentifully. Most adults should use about 1 ounce (about the size of a shot glass) to cover their entire body. We also recommend re-applying every 80 minutes that you are in the sun. 

Stay Hydrated

While skin protection is high on the list of summertime safety, the heat exposure your body experiences is equally notable. Dehydration can become very serious, very quickly. Make sure to drink plenty of water with every opportunity you have to do so. During warmer months, an average adult should drink about 2 and a ½ liters of water (that’s about 10 8oz glasses).

Wear Proper Clothing

Consider your outfit before you leave the house. There are a good amount of summertime no-nos when it comes to your attire. Avoid tight, heavy, or constricting clothing that doesn’t allow much breathability. Also, dark colors can add to your body’s heat exposure, making you more susceptible to dehydration. Try to keep your wardrobe light in color AND material for your comfort and safety.

Avoid Tanning

Of course, many people would love to have a bronze, sun-kissed look year-round or at least in the summertime. To put it directly, it’s really not good for your health to lay out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. Everyone needs a little vitamin D, but over-saturating yourself in its UV power can do irreversible damage to your skin. 

Discover Health hopes you’re having a nice and relaxing summer with some quality time out and about in the warm weather. Contact us for more information about staying safe and healthy in the heat and sun!