Advocacy Services

Advocacy Services.

Discover Health is your advocate when handling insurance, care providers, doctors, and pharmacists to ensure everything meets your healthcare needs.

About Advocacy Services

The unfortunate truth is that you do need an advocate in the medical system. Like any industry, mistakes can be made. When a mistake is made in the healthcare industry, there can be severe consequences both for your health and finances. Advocacy services are beneficial when:

  • You need help with medical bills.
  • You are in charge of a loved one’s care.
  • You want to explore different treatment options.
  • A recent diagnosis requires a second opinion.
  • You want to ensure safety during an upcoming hospital stay.
  • You are concerned about a family member’s care.

Navigating the complicated world of healthcare is challenging and time-consuming. For many people, they are their own advocates as they follow up with doctors, work with insurance, and ensure proper care. While difficult on a small scale, it becomes overwhelming when you are advocating for a loved one or dealing with a chronic, serious illness.

At Discover Health, we find insurance is one of the more intimidating aspects of healthcare. It’s incredibly stressful to receive a bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars and time-consuming to call insurance and your doctor to work it out. Discover Health understands the ins and outs of insurance and how claims are handled. We work with your insurance and your doctor to make sure your bills are accurate.

Who Needs Advocacy Services?

It’s the unfortunate truth that sick and vulnerable people can get lost in the medical system.

Many families turn to medical advocacy services for dependent loved ones who have disabilities or elder family members. It can already feel draining and nerve-wracking to be responsible for the care of this person, especially when healthcare is a big part of their quality of life.

A medical advocate steps in to ensure that person is receiving the necessary care and insurance is handled properly, taking that pressure off of you.

Advocates also help independent individuals who are deep in the medical system due to a chronic illness, a recent diagnosis, or an extensive treatment plan.

We work with you, your doctor, your insurance, and your pharmacist to make certain you are receiving the correct care.

Discover Health Advocates for You.

You don’t need to navigate healthcare on your own. Discover Health is here to guide you and ensure you receive the best care available. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Always patient, calm and ready to listen; Susan helped us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. She was accessible and flexible to our needs while navigating care for my disabled brother. I would highly recommend her services.

Rachel Glazer

Susan’s skill, knowledge of medical terms and research of recent medical developments related to my condition was the key to a successful outcome for a very challenging medical situation with a long list of potential complications. Susan provided excellent materials to educate me as to my various choices for treatment and interfaced very well with all Doctors and Nurses as she accompanied me to many appointments, consultations, and two surgeries. Highly recommended!

Peter M. Hyde

Many times, navigating the insurance while dealing with an illness, can be very challenging. Susan was able to help me better understand what my insurance covers, how to communicate with my insurance company and how to continue to follow up to make sure I’m not paying bills that should be covered by insurance. In addition, I plan on contacting Susan for further help in communicating with my doctors, as a liaison because sometimes, as a patient, I feel my doctors don’t “hear” me. Susan is amazing and I highly recommend her services!

Cheryl Lindbeck